Happiness had never been like this before. Now it came like sun showers, the sun and the rain together. Happiness was happier than it had been - sharp, piercing, and snatched, like a breath while swimming in surf.
Elizabeth Knox, Dreamhunter
Things are sweeter when they’re lost. I know — because once I wanted something and got it. It was the only thing I ever wanted badly… and when I got it it turned to dust in my hand.
 F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Beautiful and Damned
Telling someone who’s crying not to cry
is the same as telling someone who’s falling not to fall.
Tablo [Epik High]

Constellation of 69 bees, the symbol of the Empire and the emblem of the Guerlain family of “Eaux”.
Sylvie Deschamps, Maître d’art, handcrafts “The Festive Attire”, “L’Habit de Fête”, a covering designed as an imperial coronation robe. 

Self-Centered Child Blames Divorce Entirely On Himself
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